Who wouldn’t want free makeup?!

We have a number of ways to get it for you too!

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Here are some ways you can earn some!

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host a virtual makeup class on social!

Join your Artist on social media or Zoom to share the makeup

host an in person makeup class

If your artist is local to you, she can teach a class at your home! When your guests order, you earn makeup!

host a post!

Your Artist will provide you with a post that you can easily post to your own social media! When you’re followers respond, she take care of the rest and you earn!

host a scrolling text party!

Ask your Artist for her scrolling party link! You share it with your friends/family and earn the party rewards!

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Your own Referral & rewards link!

Your Artist will gladly create a rewards link just for you! Anytime you order using your own link, you earn rewards. And you can share your link with friends & family too!

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USA Flag and Map.


Flag of Canada Illustration

Pretty Awesome,right?!

Contact your Artist and start earning your rewards!